I’m Carl Vitullo. My handle is vcarl on most services.


I’m a software developer mostly doing frontend Javascript with React. In the distant past, I did fullstack development, but database migrations and ops aren’t my jam. I’m one of the lead moderators of Reactiflux, the largest chat community of React developers, which mostly involves helping people and preventing things from getting weird. I also started Nodeiflux, a “sister server” focused on node.js.

I consider myself to have an uncommon patience and ability to approach (others’) problems objectively. It’s a skill that drew me to Reactiflux, and one that I’ve practiced extensively while moderating. I also wrote the tips on how to use Reactiflux, as well as the Community Guidelines, with feedback from other moderators.

I build web apps, specializing with React. I take a minimalist approach to it, prefering to solve most problems myself rather than pull in too many libraries. I find React to be expressive enough on its own to let me solve problems quickly, but there are a few libraries that I reach for frequently. In particular, formik is a marvelous abstraction over forms, react-flip-move is an incredibly simple way to animate simple list transitions, and react-motion is a great way to add physically-based transitions for arbitrary values.

I’m currently working for the Stellar Development Foundation, making tools so that building on Stellar is easier to approach. My most recent project before this was StellarX, a trading platform for the exchange built into the Stellar protocol.